Monday, January 3, 2011

top 21 of 2010.

Because I'm ornery and couldn't just pick 20.

And these are in chronological order, not order of preference. It was hard enough to pick 20 er, 21 favorites. I don't think I could put these in order.

1. Meeting Vivienne.

So bittersweet, and I think this image captures the duality of meeting your child for the first time. So much joy. And so much sadness.


2. Vivienne - a few months later.

Something about this picture captures her innocent beauty perfectly - flawless skin, pink cheeks, gorgeous eyes.


3. Jude - my devilish imp.

Love his expression. And pretty much love everything about him.

And the light in this room is perfect for portraits.


4. Isabelle - doing what she does best...

loving life.

Here she'd just rolled down a grassy hill and couldn't wait to do it again.


5. Zach - getting so grown up.

Loved the old barn as a backdrop: the texture, the color, the window.

And I was glad to capture one of him looking, well... not irritated at his mother for taking so darn many pictures.


6. My man and me - at the baseball game.

I love this one because it is so imperfect, not well composed - but it captured us just having fun at the ball park.

The colors, our genuine expressions...

and because I absolutely love being on this journey with this man.

He makes me smile.


7. Sophie Lu - looking adorable by the lake.

Loved the preset I found for this one, how it lights up the grass behind her.

And well, I think Sophie is stunning.


8. Fourth of July. If you hadn't guessed.

And no, my man wasn't drinking. He actually never drinks.

He was just being goofy. And he's always goofy.


9. Dalton - at the beach.

For some reason I just love everything about this picture, even though he's not smiling.

The sand on his chest. The rocky beach behind him. The blue of the sky.

It just captures what summer is like in New England.


10. My crew. My sister's crew. Minus Tori.

We had such a blast this summer. And we actually managed to get everyone in this shot, looking the same direction. At the same time.

Nuff said.


11. Vivienne - blossoming.

By August she was beginning to feel solidly entrenched in our family.

And I just love that smile of hers... pure joy.


12. Victoria - at home for the summer.

Those eyes. What can I say? Wish I'd been that genetically blessed.


13. Isabelle and Jude - "Meet the Teacher"

Isabelle took it upon herself to look out for her little brother on his first visit to his new school.

I just love capturing moments like these.


14. Velvet - our old, old dog.

Can't leave out the other members of our family.

At 13 years old, she's definitely not the adorable puppy she used to be.

But she's still cute to me.


15. Shepherd - enjoying the last days of summer.

When this kid smiles, he smiles.

It's not often I can capture it. But this time? I did.


16. The girls - having a "Girls Night In".

We did a fancy dinner, bubble bath, manicure and then a movie.

It was a great night "in".


17. Seamus - being... well, Seamus.

Can any words accurately depict just why this picture is a favorite?

I think not.


18. Asher - at the Apple Farm.

Those eyes. That grin.

We were riding the tractor out to the pumpkin patch. And it was a really great day.


19. Isabelle - waiting for snow to arrive.

Isabelle is really hard to photograph, but this time, I caught her not thinking about the person standing next to her with the camera.

I just love the magical feel of this picture. Makes me think of winter and snowmen. And Christmas.


20. My biggest babies - who I rarely get to photograph.

On this day, the snow combined with the beautiful backdrop at our favorite picture taking spot and made for one of my very favorite pictures of these two.

Plus, they're not hitting each other.


21. Victoria - my girl.

21 and she has grown into her beauty. In a big way.

One of my favorite shots of her ever..


Looking back all all the pictures I took in 2010 has been a great reminder,

God blessed us in some mighty big ways this year.

Can't wait to see what He's going to do in 2011.


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