Thursday, May 7, 2009

celebrating sophie

Three years ago I arrived in China to bring home my Sophie Lu. Here are some of my very favorite pictures of our time there.

China trip for Sophie 020

China trip for Sophie 022

China trip for Sophie 028

China trip for Sophie 031

China trip for Sophie 047

China trip for Sophie 072

China trip for Sophie 083

China trip for Sophie 087

China trip for Sophie 089

China trip for Sophie 115

China trip for Sophie 114

China trip for Sophie 132

China trip for Sophie 152

China trip for Sophie 221

China trip for Sophie 312


  1. OK - The photo of you with the Nanny just brought me to tears in my office... It speaks volumes, and I know exactly how you felt that day....
    I love your new blog! It turned out beautiful!

    Hugs from MSP,

  2. oh, i remember crying when i saw the pic of you and sophie with the nannies...made me cry again. your face says it all./

  3. This is so wonderful to see all the photos you have done.... wow

  4. I remember this journey so well as it was one of the first I began following! Sophie's eyes just captivated me and I was so impressed you traveled alone. The picture of you with Sophie's nanny make my heart sink as I remember you describing the anguish you all felt during that encounter. Thank you for putting yourself out there for so many of us to "get to know" through your words.

  5. I can see why these are your favorite photos!! Stunning! And the photo of you with the Nannies made me flat out cry!

    THinking of you as you embark on yet another adventure tomorrow!! Happy Mother's Day too!

  6. Beautiful photos, Stefanie, and what sweet moments captured with Sophie and her caregivers. I can't wait for our own trip to Guilin! I know you must be over the moon to be leaving for yours. I will keep you in my prayers for safe travels.

  7. I really like the one with you holding her on your hip and the crowd with the nannies..that photo has so much expression from the individuals!

    I also like the one of her in the stroller and the older man with her.

    Your new site is very impressive and can't wait to see more pics!

  8. These are all SO amazing Stef... this is the first time I've seen them, as I don't think I had visited your blog yet when you brought Sophie home!

    What incredible memories all of these photos must hold - so much emotion in each one!!

    I love you and am praying for you my friend! Safe travels and Godspeed to China!


  9. LOVE, LOVE the pics Stef!! Some I remember, but NOT the one with Sophie's nanny. It reminds me when I met Kaylin's nanny and I bawled! Have a great trip to China.

  10. Such a sweet, beautiful little girl! What a blessing! Beautiful pictures!



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